Turning on wi-fi, checking text messages, then Facebook messages, snaps, Instagram & stories, Google Mails, shazaming new song from the online radio of your neighbor… Maybe even swiping someone right? Then checking your college group projects in GroupMe, maybe sending some pictures in WhatsApp to your friends from overseas… Sounds familiar, ha? Typical life of…Continue Reading “Perks of Using Telegram Messenger”

Even such a flexible industry like IT, coding and programming often cannot avoid the process of interviewing potential developers. Today we are going to introduce you some highlights of successful whiteboard programming. Who knows, maybe they are going to get you a job of your dream? Whiteboard programming may sound like an extremely complicated coding…Continue Reading “Whiteboard Programming Tips and Tricks”

Nowadays the approach to work has been slightly shaped by the needs of the fast-changing rapid world. While some of the corporations stick to the traditional full-time office schedule, new companies are more willing to experiment with it – what is important to them is a performance with high efficiency and low time contribution. This…Continue Reading “How to get your first freelance programming project?”

Every week Upscale Academy is answering a variety of questions about coding bootcamps and code learning. In this post we will be highlighting the most interesting ones, so you, dear reader, will have a deeper understanding about the bootcamp format. Q: Are there any bootcamps that have a prep course dedicated to absolute beginners with no programming…Continue Reading “Questions from future bootcamp grads”

While considering different options available on the market, you might want to check Switchup and Coursereport, where many bootcamp grads are leaving their reviews about schools’. It’s a good starting point, but to make the best decision, Upscale Academy would like to provide you with these issues to consider. Don’t thank! What the heck is…Continue Reading “How to choose the right coding bootcamp?”

Switchup.org – one of the biggest bootcamp aggregators, interviewed Olya Zakharova, CEO and Co-Founder at Upscale Academy. What motivated you to start Upscale Academy? I truly believe everyone can make a change and bring value to this world. You just need to find a way to do it. I chose to bring change via education. That…Continue Reading “Q&A with Upscale Academy’s CEO, Olya Zakharova”